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Drop caps are large initial letters at the beginning of a paragraph to emphasize its origin or indicate a new section. They’re commonly aligned with the left margin in print publications; on websites, they could appear either aligned left/right margins, centered or off-center.

Drop caps are frequently employed in fiction writing as they add visual interest and set the story’s scene. Drop caps may also be used for emphasis purposes – for instance, highlighting the initial letter of a character name.

Formatting a drop cap requires various approaches. One such technique is making the letter larger than other text on the page and placing it in the margin so it drops down two or more lines. Another alternative involves filling up all or part of one paragraph line with letters while still wrapping around them.

Drop caps are often seen in print media; however, they can also be used on websites and other digital forms of media. When creating drop caps in digital format, they typically use HTML or CSS.

When adding drop caps to a website, you must keep a few key considerations in mind. First, ensure the initial letter is big enough to make an impactful statement; second, place it high enough on the page so it does not become obscured by other elements on it; thirdly, align the initial letter with either its left or right margin or it could look off-putting.

Drop cap lettering devices add beauty and visual interest to any document. Common uses for drop caps include beginning new sections or chapters or emphasizing certain words or phrases within the text, among other benefits. Drop caps add an elegant touch to any lettering project when used appropriately.

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