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“Doctored” can mean different things when applied to books and publishing. Most commonly, it refers to any book that has been modified to make it more marketable or fulfill specific needs – including altering cover art or adding or subtracting content.

Sometimes, books may be altered to make them more palatable for a wider audience, including changing controversial or offensive language, toning down controversial subjects, or adding family-oriented content. Books may even be edited to become “page-turners,” with less exposition and more action.

Doctored books do not necessarily represent lousy writing; in many instances, they’re part of the publishing process and merely serve to fulfill its requirements. However, readers must remember that such books may no longer accurately portray the author’s original vision.

“Doctoring” of a book refers to the alteration made without the author’s consent for various reasons such as editing changes and legal concerns. This may take the form of significant revisions from its original state to create something unrecognizable by readers or editors alike.

Books may be altered for legal reasons when they contain sensitive material considered libelous. When this occurs, publishers or authors often hire a lawyer to review and change the book to avoid litigation claims and any possible offending of religious or political groups.

Doctored books may also be the result of editorial changes. An author may be asked to make significant modifications to make their book more marketable, such as adding action scenes or making the ending more open-ended.

Author-requested changes may also require the doctoring of books; this is often seen in movies or TV series adaptations where novelists are asked to alter the book to remain more faithful to its screen adaptations.

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