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Digital List Price (DLP) refers to the cost of an e-book bought digitally instead of in physical format primarily within publishing industry context.

Digital books have long been available, yet have only recently made waves in the publishing industry. Before digital books gained momentum, most books were printed physical copies sold via brick-and-mortar stores; now however e-readers and online bookstores are increasingly popular among readers.

Digital selling of books offers several distinct advantages. First, digital books tend to be less costly than their physical counterparts due to no printing or shipping expenses involved with selling digital copies internationally without any issues or complications.

Digital books offer another advantage over physical ones in that they’re easier to distribute. Once converted to a digital format, e-readers allow anyone with access to view it quickly and efficiently compared to printing and shipping physical copies.

Digital books do present certain disadvantages, including difficulty in returning them once purchased online. Customers typically require assistance in order to return digital books purchased via online retailers.

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