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Demy Octavo books are ideal for small pocket libraries due to their small page count (8vo). With such small sheets, counts come reduced overall page sizes than typical Octavo books.

Demy Octavos are used for books that fall between traditional hardbacks and paperbacks in size, such as pocket-sized books, chapbooks, pamphlets, and small editions of more significant works.

Demy Octavo” and “Octavo” are often used interchangeably; however, technically, these two sizes differ. An Octavo book contains eight pages per sheet, while Demy Octavos are smaller books around 6×9 inches.

Demy Octavo is an invaluable format for books and publishing for multiple reasons. First, it allows publishers to produce books in smaller sizes that are easier to carry around; these smaller books take up less shelf space in bookstores and libraries alike; they are generally less costly to produce and beneficial for both publishers and readers.

Demy Octavo books tend to have higher quality than other book formats due to their smaller size allowing for more precise printing and binding, producing higher-quality books. Furthermore, reading in close quarters may provide readers with an intimate reading experience which may be particularly appealing for some.

For several reasons, Demy Octavo is an essential format for book publishing. It allows a book to be printed in smaller sizes while often producing higher-quality results.

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