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Gold tooling (decorative stamped binding), or gold tooling, involves embellishing the spine and covers of books with gold leaf decorations. Popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, this form of bookbinding remains used today on occasion.

Gold tooling is a time-consuming and complex process. First, the spine and covers of a book are covered in a thin layer of gold leaf before using various tools to stamp designs into it. Finally, excess gold is burned before brushing away the excess.

Gold tooling creates a beautiful and luxurious-looking book that stands out on any bookshelf. Gold tooling is often used on Bibles, prayer books, and religious texts but is also commonly found on decorative books that will stand out on shelves rather than be read directly.

You’ll need a few essential items if you want to try your hand at decorative stamped binding. First is a book suitable for gold leafing. Next, come adhesive and tools for stamping and burnishing the cover.

Gold Leaf can be found in sheets or flakes from most craft stores. Most art supply stores carry size glue for adhering the gold leaves together – which dries clear and hard.

As for tools, you will require various stamps, a burnisher, and soft cloth. Logos can be purchased online or at most craft stores; burnishers can be found at most art supply stores.

Once you have the supplies needed to create your masterpiece book, begin by covering its spine and covers in a thin layer of gold leaf. When this has dried completely, use stamps to add designs to it.

Once your design is complete, polish and shine the gold leaf with a burnisher. Finally, brush away any extra leaf using a soft cloth – and that’s it! You have now successfully created an exceptional and breathtaking book.

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