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Debut novels are works of fiction by first-time authors that mark their first published work. Debut novels may serve as practice runs for future jobs, often written with help from literary agents and published through small presses (although larger houses sometimes publish debut novels as well).

“Debut” in French refers to a first appearance or first novel; therefore, a debut novel refers to an author’s first published work of fiction.

There are a few qualities that distinguish a debut novel. First, it is written by an unpublished author or a first-time novelist and may also serve as their first published work – making it unique in many ways. A debut novel also stands out due to being considered their trial run before future works are released into print.

One aspect that elevates a debut novel to greatness is working with a literary agent to write it. A literary agent acts as the intermediary between an author and their publisher by finding one and negotiating their contract terms, helping authors get published quickly and smoothly.

Small presses publish debut novels, a company with less inventory than significant publishing houses. They often take on projects not supported by them – such as publishing debut novels.

Small presses may offer authors publishing their first novel several advantages when choosing where to post. One reason could be their willingness to take risks on new authors more readily than major houses; another benefit could be better relationships with literary agents that help an author get their work published more readily.

Though debut novels tend to be published by small presses, there have been notable exceptions, such as J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird being published by larger houses.

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