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An agent is a publishing professional who guides book projects and authors from conception to publication. An agent submits book projects to editors for consideration, negotiates advances and contracts, follows up payments, and acts as a creative/business adviser. A literary agent acts as the author’s advocate.

Agents are individuals or organizations authorized to act on behalf of another. Agents are most frequently utilized in business transactions where one party (the principal) appoints another (the agent) as its representative. That agent can perform specific tasks or transactions on its behalf for that principal.

The relationship between an agent and principal is governed by a written contract that details both parties’ responsibilities, including authority granted to and duties performed by each. Furthermore, such an agreement may outline compensation arrangements.

Agent-principal relationships are fiduciary; that means the agent must act solely in its principal’s best interests without prioritizing its interests over those of its principal.

There are two categories of agents: general agents and special agents.

General agents are authorized to perform a wide array of tasks on behalf of their principal, while special agents are only allowed to fulfill specific responsibilities or tasks for them.

The agent is also used to describe software agents – programs explicitly created to perform specific tasks or functions on behalf of their users.

An agent is an invaluable tool for online businesses, enabling enterprises to automate customer interactions across customer service, sales, marketing, and beyond. Furthermore, agents provide insight into customer behavior and preferences which can help enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

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