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Cursive is handwriting that connects all the characters in some form. It referred to scripts, more commonly known as long hand.

Cursive tends to be quicker and more intuitive to write than block letters but could be harder to understand for those who don’t see it often. Furthermore, it lends itself better to readability than block letters, one more reason why you see it commonly used on formal occasions, such as on wedding invitations.

Cursive typically appears in books and textbooks for heading purposes to give an extra air of sophistication. It’s also often used for logos and branding.

Cursive is a type of handwritten script meant to be easily and quickly written. It’s generally used for casual writing like taking notes/journaling.

“Cursive” also originates from the Latin word “cursivus,” meaning literally “in running characters, flowing” — because in this style, the letters are joined or connected, as if running.

It is believed that cursive handwriting allows words to connect in ways that print can’t keep up with, making it faster and more fluid by nature. It’s considered more expressive since the loops and curls of the letter forms contribute more character to typesetting.

However, cursive handwriting isn’t merely about speed and flair. It’s also an excellent educational tool to teach children how to pen properly and uniformly on paper.

Children often begin learning to write with print handwriting. This is why print letters are easier for kids to recognize and see how each is formed.

But when they grow up and become confident writers, they can begin learning how to write cursive. This might enable them to compose faster, flow better, and shape their very own character style.

For kids with dyslexia, cursive writing could help as the connected letters might be simpler to identify. It may be useful for kids who struggle with forming letters because cursive has a more streamlined look and can give a sense of ease to the writing process.

Although it’s not critical for kids’ success, cursive handwriting may still be a beneficial ability for them to develop. They should find this helps them write faster and more naturally while allowing them to create their voice.

Why Cursive? It’s nice to write, and it’s so relaxing and therapeutic. It may also be a more personal mode of expression, often more intimate and personal than text. It is faster to write with cursive because you can complete more words in less time than in print.

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