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Consignment refers to the practice of sending goods on behalf of another individual or business, typically for sale via consignment in bookstores. Authors usually send books under consignment with bookstores, hoping that these sales will help promote them as an author and send back some proceeds, with less return given back due to selling through consignment than selling outright.

Authors might consider selling their book on consignment for several reasons. First, this option offers them access to bookstores without fronting inventory costs directly; second, selling on consignment can be a good way to assess reader demand before investing in larger print runs; finally, it may provide authors without traditional book deals an avenue towards sales success.

If you are considering selling your book on consignment, you need to keep a few key points in mind. First and foremost is finding an appropriate bookstore where it would best fit; second, read carefully before signing any contracts; finally, be patient as selling can often take months for payment to come through!

Consignment plays an essential part in the book industry by offering authors an alternate means of selling their works without using traditional publishers while remaining in control and taking home more of their profits. Furthermore, consignment provides readers access to books they otherwise wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Consignment expands a seller’s exposure by tapping into the network of consignment shops with multiple customers and their customer bases.

Consignment provides another purposeful purpose of consignment: providing seller security. Sellers no longer have to worry about merchandise being stolen or damaged. At the same time, it’s displayed for consignment sale in shops. Most typically, they will carry an insurance policy covering losses that might occur while on display for display purposes.

Consignment shops provide sellers who need more time or resources the option of selling their merchandise themselves with all necessary arrangements taken care of for a smooth sale experience, including marketing and customer care.

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