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A calculation determining how much space copy will take up when typeset.

When a book is “cast off,” it means that the typesetter has created a full-page layout of the book, complete with margins, gutters, and type. This is the last step before printing, and it allows the publisher to get an accurate sense of how the book will look once it’s printed.

The typesetter will usually create a few different versions of the cast off, with different margins and gutters, to give the publisher options. The publisher will then choose the version that they think looks best.

Once the publisher has approved the cast off, the book can go to print.

Cast off, in book and publishing terms, is the final step in typesetting a book before it goes to print. The text is “cast off” to determine how many pages the book will have, and to calculate the printer’s margins.

Cast off is also known as “setting off” or “calculating pagination.”

There are two methods of cast off: measure and estimate.

In the measure method, the typesetter takes a physical measurement of the book’s text block (the width of the text on each page, not including the margins). They then divide that number by the number of characters per line to estimate the number of lines per page. Finally, they divide the number of lines per page by the number of lines per inch to estimate the number of pages in the book.

In the estimate method, the typesetter looks at the book’s text and estimates the number of characters per line, the number of lines per page, and the number of pages in the book.

Both methods are just estimates, and the actual number of pages in a book can vary slightly from the estimate.

The purpose of cast off is to give the printer an idea of how many pages the book will have so that they can set the margins and print the book.

The importance of Cast Off cannot be overstated. It is essential for books and publishing. Cast Off provides a way for authors to get their work out there, and it provides a way for readers to find new and exciting books.

Cast Off is a valuable resource for both authors and readers. It is a great way for authors to promote their work, and it is a great way for readers to find new and exciting books.

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