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Books require special packaging to maintain their condition over time; these cases are tailored specifically for this task. See also slipcase.

Cases are containers used to protect books, manuscripts, and other materials. Common materials for cases include wood, metal, or plastic, and they may range from simple boxes with hinged lids to complex structures incorporating shelves, drawers, and other features.

Cases can be used to store and transport delicate or valuable items safely, as well as display books, photographs, or artwork.

There are various cases designed specifically to fulfill specific purposes. Bookcases are popularly used to store and display books; photo cases protect photographs, while display cases showcase trophies, medals, or other objects.

Cases come in an array of sizes and shapes, from those small enough to fit on a shelf to large enough to fill an entire room. Some cases are intended to be portable, while others should remain stationary.

Cases can either be purchased pre-made or customized specifically for the user. While pre-made cases tend to be less costly, custom-made ones offer greater customizability to meet user needs and budgets.

Cases are commonly seen in libraries, archives, and other institutions; however, they can also be used in homes and offices.

Cases or boxes are an essential component of the book publishing industry, protecting books from damage during shipping and handling and providing a way for publishers to organize inventory. Without cases or boxes, books would likely become damaged during transport and more vulnerable to being damaged, lost, or stolen during store inventory management processes. Furthermore, cases help publishers track inventory levels so books are properly shelved in stores.

Cases or boxes are the physical packaging in which books are sold and typically serve two functions: protecting its contents from damage during shipping and handling, as well as making it easy for customers to identify the book they’re purchasing; in some instances, these cases or boxes may even display its cover art or marketing materials.

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