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This book is hardbound as opposed to paperback.

Case-bound books are hardcover books bound with cardboard covered by cloth or other material and adhered directly to their text block spines.

Case-bound books tend to be more durable than other hardcover book types, making them suitable for books that will be read frequently or handled often. Unfortunately, however, their production can often cost more than competing options.

Case-bound” can refer to the style of binding employed for some hardcover books. With this form, pages and cover are held together with a rigid spine – making this technique common among hardcover books.

Case-bound books offer several distinct advantages over other forms of books. One benefit of case-bound books is their ability to lay flat when opened, making them easier for reading. Another is their durability compared with other forms of books; therefore they make an excellent choice for books that will be frequently read or handled roughly.

Case-bound books do have some drawbacks. One is their increased production cost. Another issue is they don’t stack as easily compared to other types.

Case-bound books remain a popular choice for many publishers and authors, despite their drawbacks.

Case-bound books are highly esteemed in the publishing world for their quality and durability. This type of binding involves bonding the spine of a book to its cover using adhesive to form a strong and lasting hold, often used with hardcover books as this ensures pages will stay securely placed over time and that its shape won’t change over time.

Case-bound books are seen as more prestigious than their perfect-bound counterparts, often associated with higher-grade materials and craftsmanship. As such, many publishers reserve them exclusively for special editions or limited runs; whether you collect books or simply appreciate quality workmanship, case-bound editions stand out among the competition.

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