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Solander cases are bookcases intended for rare books and manuscripts. They were thus named Solander Presses after a renowned Swedish botanist named Daniel Solander, the originator of this type of presses for keeping his plants and specimens.

Solander cases are usually made of wood and have a glass front and door to ensure that dust and light do not damage the content. The acid-free paper inside guarantees that their books and manuscripts will always be in perfect condition.

There are numerous uses of a solander case. They are perfect for storing and displaying an extensive book collection or safeguarding a book or manuscript that requires special attention. They are an essential part of book collecting, which everyone uses from a private collector to a major library or museum.

It has a shallow depth and slanted shelves to view spines of easily stored books. It permits a higher density of books to be accommodated in the limited spaces that are ideal for libraries and other public areas with less storage space.

Publishers and libraries depend on bookcases, which provide secure places for storing and displaying books. Solander cases are also used for keeping the books safe, which is particularly important for libraries and other public spaces that use limited space.

Solander case is handy to a book publisher as it preserves books from damage during transport and storage, especially valuable or irreplaceable titles. It also has high security, and the thieves hardly ever break into these cases.

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