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Thick general-purpose paper used for printing, drawing, and wrapping purposes.

Cartridge paper is used for drawing and painting purposes, offering thicker thickness than standard drawing papers with slightly textured surfaces and offering greater texture on their surfaces. Cartridge papers come in various sizes and weights for drawing or painting pleasure.

Heavy cartridge paperweights are well suited to wet media such as watercolor and gouache painting, pencil drawing, and pastels. In contrast, lighter weight cartridge papers may be best used with pen & ink or lighter media for sketching/drawing purposes.

Cartridge paper can also be used in printmaking techniques like lithography, screen printing, and block printing. Its texture helps hold ink or paint better while producing more consistent prints.

Cartridge paper typically comes in white color; however, certain brands also offer off-white, cream, and even black variants of their product line.

Although cartridge paper isn’t the sole medium used for art, it remains one of the most sought-after options due to its versatile composition; cartridge papers have been specifically tailored for use with pencils, charcoals, pastels, and watercolors, among many other mediums. Also, its wide array of sizes and weights makes cartridge paper ideal for sketching ideas and producing final artwork pieces.

Cartridge paper is an extremely versatile art medium suitable for many artistic endeavors and applications. As inspiration strikes, Beginners and pros alike will likely benefit from keeping some sheets handy!

Cartridge art paper consists of two layers that have been adhered to with glue to provide artists with a firm surface for working their artwork. Usually, the top layer contains thin paper coated in plastic, while its counterpart usually comprises thicker paper that’s uncoated or coated in anything.

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