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An ownership stamp, which particularly in cases of public library stamps would almost certainly detract from the value of the book.

A book stamp, also called a library stamp, is a rubber stamp used to mark books as belonging to a library. The most common design features the name and address of the library, and the date the book was acquired. Other designs may include the name of the donor, a logo, or other information.

Library stamps are used to track the ownership of books and to deter theft. They are also used to help identify books that need to be repaired or replaced. In some cases, library stamps may be used to indicate that a book has been censored or restricted.

Most libraries require that books be returned to the library in the same condition as when they were checked out. This means that books must not have any writing, highlight, underlining, or other markings not made by the library. Many libraries will not allow books with library stamps to be donated or sold.

Some people collect books with interesting or unique library stamps. This can be a fun and challenging way to build a book collection.

Book stamps and library stamps are important to books and publishing for a number of reasons. First, they help to identify a book as belonging to a particular library or collection. This can be important for cataloguing and tracking purposes. Second, they can help to deter theft or damage to books, as books with stamps are less likely to be seen as valuable by potential thieves. Finally, stamps can add a sense of provenance and history to a book, making it more attractive to potential buyers or collectors. In conclusion, book stamps and library stamps serve a variety of important functions in the book world, and are an essential part of the publishing process.


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