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Bookplates are stickers attached to books that allow their owner to sign their name directly on them, making bookplates an increasingly popular way for children’s book authors (being more portable) to sign their works.

Bookplates (also referred to as ex-libris) are small labels attached to the inside front cover of books to indicate who owns it and their ownership status. A bookplate usually displays its owner’s name and associated symbols like their coat of arms, family crest, or seal.

The first bookplates have been around since the 15th century, with designs ranging from basic to complex. Even today, book collectors and enthusiasts use bookplates to personalize their collections with flair.

There are various options for purchasing bookplates. Many bookstores and libraries sell pre-printed bookplates, which can be personalized by writing in their owner’s name and other information. Meanwhile, there are companies specializing in designing and printing custom bookplates.

Bookplates can also be made at home; many enjoy designing them. Rub-on decals, stamps, or handwritten labels work great as materials for customizing bookplates to personalize them further.

Once a bookplate has been attached to its book, it becomes part of its history. It can even be passed from generation to generation – providing us with an intriguing glimpse of past owners’ lives.

Bookplates can add an individual touch and are a fantastic way to personalize and distinguish your collection. Whether purchased, DIY, or found- it will show your individuality while adding charm!

Bookplates can serve several essential purposes:

  1. They provide an effective means for identifying its owner if your book goes missing or stolen.
  2. They help track its history by showing who owned it.
  3. They add an individual touch by personalizing each book’s story, creating the feeling that this piece belongs solely in your library collection.

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