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Book-of-the-month club. See book club.

A book of the month club is a service that provides a monthly selection of books to its subscribers. The club typically works with a group of publishing houses to source its monthly selections, which are then shipped to subscribers at a discounted rate.

The book of the month club model was first introduced in the United States in 1926 by Harry Scherman and Robert A. Waid. The club was originally designed as a way to market hard-to-sell, highbrow works of literature to a mass audience. The club’s first selection was Sinclair Lewis’ Arrowsmith.

In the nearly 100 years since its inception, the book of the month club has evolved to include a wide variety of genres and formats, including fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, children’s books, and more. The club also offers an online subscription service that allows members to access digital versions of the monthly selections.

The book of the month club is a great way for book lovers to discover new authors and titles. It’s also a convenient way to build up a home library without having to make multiple trips to the bookstore or library. And because the club offers its selections at a discount, it’s a budget-friendly way to buy books.

The Book of the Month Club is an important part of the book industry. It has been around for almost a century and is a trusted source for finding new and interesting books. The club provides a valuable service to both readers and publishers.

For readers, the club is a great way to discover new titles and authors. The club’s expert panelists hand-select each month’s featured book, so readers can be sure they’re getting a quality read. The club also offers its members exclusive discounts on books and other merchandise

The Book-of-the-Month Club is more than just a book club. It’s a community of readers who love books and enjoy discussing them. It’s a place to discover new authors and explore new genres. And it’s a source of reliable, unbiased information about the world of books.

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