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Book of the month clubs (bomc) provides subscribers with a monthly selection of books at a discounted rate, typically from multiple publishing houses. This service typically works to source its selections before shipping them out at an agreed-upon discount rate to subscribers.

Harry Scherman and Robert A. Waid introduced the book of the month club model into American society for the first time in 1926 by creating “Arrowsmith,” their inaugural selection from Sinclair Lewis’ Arrowsmith novella collection.

Since its founding, the Book of the Month Club has evolved into a vast library that spans genres and formats – fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, children’s books, and more! Members also can take advantage of an online subscription service which gives access to digital versions of monthly selections.

Book of the Month clubs provide readers with an excellent way to discover new authors and titles while building up a home library without multiple trips to bookstores or libraries, all at an economical price point. They’re an easy and economical way of purchasing books for yourself or loved ones!

The Book of the Month Club has long been an integral part of the book industry, serving readers and publishers alike by providing new books each month at an affordable cost. Established nearly 100 years ago, its membership gives readers reliable insight into new titles. At the same time, publishers enjoy accessing this valuable service for marketing and distribution purposes.

Readers will love joining this club to discover new titles and authors. Their expert panelists carefully hand-select each month’s featured book so readers know they receive only quality literature. Plus, members receive exclusive discounts on books and merchandise!

The Book-of-the-Month Club (bomc) is much more than a book club; it’s a community of readers who appreciate books and enjoy discussing them, providing readers with a place to discover new authors and genres while gathering unbiased and reliable information on all things related to literature.

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