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Back-of-the-Room Sales refer to any sales made at book tables and booths set up at events, typically when an author speaks or participates in conferences and panel discussions; usually, these books can be found for sale either near their auditorium seat, in an adjacent hallway, or set out on tables placed throughout.

“Back of the Room Sales” in selling terminology refers to products or services marketed directly after an educational seminar or presentation via an on-site store or taking orders from attendees who want to buy what has just been presented.

Businesses that offer presentations or seminars may use back-of-the-room sales as a revenue-boosting tactic. Not only can this strategy give companies a chance to sell products or services directly to those attending who may already be intrigued with what you offer them, but it can also generate extra earnings by collecting cash from attendees who may not have planned on purchasing anything during your presentation or seminar.

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