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Ba is an abbreviation of “The Booksellers Association of Great Britain and Ireland,” the trade association representing bookselling.

This booksellers association (BA) represents the interests of booksellers, publishers, and others involved with the book industry. Members may include bookstores, libraries, and businesses that sell or distribute books; additional services may include copyright protection and advocacy policies that benefit this commerce sector.

A booksellers association can be an invaluable resource to its members in staying abreast of industry developments and trends, offering discounts on products, services, and educational resources. Furthermore, lobbying campaigns may support laws and regulations which strengthen bookselling businesses.

Bookseller associations may operate both nationally and internationally. In the US, American Booksellers Association is a national booksellers association; other countries with bookseller associations include Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Booksellers Association is the trade body representing UK and Ireland bookselling industry. A not-for-profit organization, they express their members’ views to publishers, the government, and others while offering guidance and support to booksellers regarding legal advice, business advice, training events, and much more.

The Association has long championed bookselling industry interests and promoted literacy, recently leading campaigns to support independent bookshops while encouraging literacy education.

Moreover, the Association serves as an essential advocate for bookselling industry members. It ensures books remain at the center of our society and culture.

The Booksellers Association (BA) is the trade body representing bookselling in Great Britain and Ireland. Representing chain stores, independents, online retailers, and bookmobile operators, The BA strives to promote books and reading while protecting freedom of expression and supporting booksellers in this trade association.

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