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A handwritten letter signed by the writer.

An autographed letter, signed (ALS) is a letter written by someone famous, which has been signed by them. These are generally collected by fans or admirers and can be found for sale online and at auction. The value of an ALS will depend on the celebrity status of the writer and how rare the letter is. For example, a letter written and signed by Abraham Lincoln would be worth more than one written and signed by a modern day celebrity.

ALS can be used as a form of authentication for books and other items. For example, if you have a copy of a book that is signed by the author, this can be used to prove that the signature is genuine. This is especially important for rare or valuable books.

There are some forgeries of ALS out there, so it is important to be aware of these. One way to tell if a letter is forged is to look at the handwriting. If it looks identical to other examples of the person’s handwriting, it is likely that it is a forgery. Another way to tell is if the letter is signed with a felt tip pen or a Sharpie. These were not in use during the time period when most of the famous people who wrote ALS were alive.

The Autographed Letter, Signed is an important aspect of books and publishing. It allows for a personal connection between the author and the reader. This type of letter gives the reader a sense of the author’s personality and creates a bond between the two. In addition, the autographed letter can add value to a book, making it more collectible.

The Autographed Letter, Signed is a document that is used to indicate that the person who has signed it has read and agreed to the contents of a book or other publication. This is generally used when an author has made significant changes to their work after it has been accepted for publication.


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