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Proof showing corrections made by the author or editor.

An author’s proof is a copy of a galley or page proof of a book that is corrected by the author and returned to the publisher. The author’s proof is the last opportunity for the author to make changes to the text before the book goes to press.

In the days before computerized typesetting and desktop publishing, authors were given galleys—long sheets of paper on which the text of their book was printed—to proofread. They would mark any corrections on the galleys and return them to the publisher, who would then make the changes before the book went to press. In some cases, an author might receive page proofs, which are individual pages of the book that have been typeset and are in the correct order. The author would mark any corrections on the page proofs and return them to the publisher.

Nowadays, authors are more likely to receive digital galleys or page proofs, which they can mark up electronically and return to the publisher. However, the process is essentially the same: the author is given a chance to review the text of their book and make any necessary changes before it goes to press.

The author’s proof is the last step in the book production process, and it is vital that the author takes the time to thoroughly review the text and make any necessary corrections. After the author’s proof has been returned to the publisher, the book will go to print and will be published according to the author’s final corrections.

Author’s Proof is a type of bookbinding that is very important to the overall quality and durability of a book. This type of binding uses a thicker and more sturdy paper, which helps to prevent the book from tearing or creasing over time. In addition, Author’s Proof is often used on books that are meant to be read frequently or that will be placed on display. This is because the thicker paper and higher quality binding will help to keep the book looking new for longer. Overall, Author’s Proof is an important consideration for anyone who is looking to purchase a high-quality book.

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