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Authors correction refers to post-typesetting changes made by an author after typesetting. Still, it does not include errors due to keying-in errors.

Authors correction refers to any modifications made post-publication by authors in response to reader comments or because the author noticed an error themselves.

There are various author corrections, typos being the most prevalent type. Suppose an author notices errors after their book has already been released. In that case, they can issue a correction by publishing another edition with that mistake corrected.

Author corrections also take the form of content changes within their book, whether responding to reader comments or realizing something is inaccurate. Should an author wish to alter their book’s contents, a correction could be issued by publishing an updated edition with these revised pages.

Authors themselves may also make author-issued corrections to e-books. Should an error arise within their book, an updated version with that particular section edited can be released as soon as the error has been fixed.

Corrections to books may range from minor adjustments to significant modifications that alter their meaning significantly and might even create controversy – depending on what error or change was introduced by an author’s corrections.

Corrections may either be welcomed by readers or seen as disruptive, depending on how each reader receives them. While some readers appreciate when an author takes time and care to address mistakes in their book or update their text, others find the process disruptive and reading something different than intended.

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