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“As usual” is an often-used book and publishing term with multiple meanings and applications. As an umbrella term, “as usual” signifies something is happening as expected or typical; specifically to publishing, it refers to how books are printed and bound, marketing strategies are implemented, or bookstores stock and sell books.

Printing books usually employs the standard settings and specifications associated with that book type; for instance, paperback novels typically utilize 50# offset paper with 4-color CMYK printing processes; if an unconventional publishing approach such as 80# textured paper 2-color black and white occurred instead, that would be considered “not as usual.”

Marketing and publicity campaigns conducted can also be taken into consideration. For instance, if a publisher were to send advance reader copies (ARCs) of a new novel to book reviewers and media outlets as is typical practice; whereas, hosting a contest to give away an ARC by pre-ordering would constitute something less routine – and, therefore “not as usual.”

Finally, bookstores’ stock and sale of books is another factor. If a bookstore orders certain copies of a new title based on the publisher’s sales history, that author’s sales history alone would be considered as usual. However, ordering copies based on advance orders received would be regarded as less typical.

While “as usual” can have different meanings depending on its context, typically, it refers to something happening as it usually does.

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