Devotions for Men

by CJ McDaniel // May 27  

Devotions For Men

Perhaps you’ve taken a look in the mirror and asked yourself who you are, and if you are where you should be. With the challenges and temptations that we face every day, it’s easy to stray from the right path and forget our real purpose for existing in this world. These devotions for men will serve as a guide, a mirror that reflects who you are, where you are now, and where you should be going as you walk your path towards understanding yourself better and discovering what God’s purpose for your life is.

Devotions for Men # 1: The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Devotions for Men # 1 - The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Book Summary: Strengthen the core of your life and faith on a year-long journey with beloved Super Bowl-winning former head coach Tony Dungy! The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge contains 365 reflections from the #1 New York Times bestselling author on living an “uncommon life” of integrity, honoring your family and friends, creating a life of real significance and impact, and walking with the Lord. This year, step up to the challenge―and dare to be uncommon every day.

Testimonies for The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

This is a favorite book of minel A wonderful true story and book A favorite!!!!!! Would love to meet this man. He is a winner. One of the best books I ever read!


This must be a great book. After reading it, my husband has bought multiple copies to give as gifts to people he thinks would enjoy it.

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Devotions for Men # 2: Devotions for the Man in the Mirror

Devotions for Men # 2 - Devotions for the Man in the Mirror

Book Summary: Men’s ministry leader Patrick M. Morley challenges men not to settle for a watered-down version of Christianity. Reflecting Jesus in all aspects of life requires a complete, no-regrets surrender to Him. By fully submitting to Christ, believers will find the true freedom that only Jesus offers.

With 75 short, powerful readings, men will find meaning and purpose as they deepen their relationship with God and seek to become more obedient in their careers, finances, and relationships. This is the 25th-anniversary edition, which will feature newly updated content from the author.

Testimonies for Devotions for the Man in the Mirror

Powerful and practical, Morley strikes a nerve in the casual comatose faith many live today. It’s a wakeup call to personal holiness.


I love how it guides me to places I need to be and how it causes me to examine my life. Patrick Morley writes like he has known me for years, and discusses subjects that don’t normally come up in my conversation.

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Devotions for Men # 3: The One Year Devotions for Men

Devotions for Men # 3 - The One Year Devotions for Men

Book Summary: Recognizing that men and women face unique spiritual needs, these 365 convenient, concise, and uplifting devotionals help readers focus each day on God’s priorities. Each day’s selection includes a key NLT Scripture verse, a devotional reading, and a suggested Bible passage for further study.

Testimonies for The One Year Devotions for Men

I love it, I use it every day. It’s well put together and at times you’re reading from the same chapter of the Bible for different days. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a good devotional.


Great insight to a man’s mind and speaks to a man’s spirit. I love this as one of my devotionals.

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Devotions for Men # 4: The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

Devotions for Men # 4 - The One Year Daily Moments of Strength - Inspiration for Men

Book Summary: The One Year Daily Moments of Strength will help you experience a deeper and more powerful connection with the Lord each day. Complete with Bible verses, helpful explanations, and practical applications, these short daily devotions, covering a variety of everyday issues, will help strengthen your commitment to faith and your walk with God. Through showing up to meet with God every day, you’ll be inspired to go deeper with him all year long. “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Testimonies for The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

Very inspirational! Easy read. I actually look forward to reading it the following day. Nicely done!


Well written, a great daily reader for men. Highly recommended!

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Devotions for Men # 5: In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman

Devotions for Men # 5 - In Pursuit - Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman

Book Summary: Hunters and fishermen are familiar with the “moment of truth”–that adrenaline-surging, heart-pounding instant when success and failure hang in the balance. At that moment they know if they will experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. The 90 devotions in In Pursuit are written specifically for this outdoorsman.

Each devotion expertly weaves scriptural truth into true hunting and fishing stories that capture the thrill of the great outdoors and work on the hearts of men who are zealous in their drive to get out on the lake or up in the deer blind. These reflections on the active life help prepare men for success and significance both spiritually and in their sport. It is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman. Foreword by Steve Chapman.

Testimonies for In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman

The connection between the themes of the outdoors and spiritual insight makes this a special tool for the rough and rugged to be connected with God.


Very up and becoming with insight to the Lords word with Hunting back round stories that got my attention.

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Daily Devotions for Men – Attitude

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