Best Lawn Care Websites

by CJ McDaniel // May 27  

Best Lawn Care Websites

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or looking for someone to maintain the perfect lawn for you, the Internet is a commonplace to seek advice or look for help. A well-designed lawn care website can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to properly care for your lawn or tips on finding excellent lawn care professional. Here are some of the best lawn care websites in the industry.

1. California Landscaping And Lawn Care

California Landscaping and Lawn Care operate a clean, cut and easy-to-read website. A navigation bar easily directs you to services, testimonials and contact information.


A nice feature to this website is that California Landscaping and Lawn Care offer a detailed list of the communities they serve.


2. Scott’s Miracle Grow Company

Scott’s Miracle Grow Company is a common household product that many individuals have heard of.  Scott’s does a great job of breaking down the sections of their website based on lawn care, gardening, weed control, products and more.



Additionally, videos and an expert blog provide insight into how to best care for your own lawn and garden.

3. Landscapes USA

Landscapes USA has a simple, yet effective website that plays well on the idea of landscaping and lawn care with a grass-like logo. The home page allows you to easily navigate the site based on exactly what you are looking for. An inquiry form allows you to contact Landscapes USA from the homepage with comments, questions and concerns.


4. USA Landscapte Inc

Located in Las Vegas, USA Landscape Inc. runs a simple website that effectively showcases their work. The completed products are the strong point of this website.


Curious potential customers can view completed projects in wide-variety of styles. Despite the pictures, the website loads extremely quick.

5. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens offers a unique means of landscaping your yard and garden. This website allows you to upload pictures, add trees, plants, and flowers to your existing landscape, save your plan or print your plan.


The site is easy-to-use and can help individuals plan their lawn out prior to making purchases or doing any digging.


Lawn Care Vlog


Something 2LookAt in his vlog showed cutting tall grass and showing all the work involved in the cleanup.

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