ClickFunnels $19 Plan – Everything You Need to Know

by CJ McDaniel // June 25  

If you’ve already heard of ClickFunnels, then you’re probably aware of its pricing plans. ClickFunnels has earned its recognition because of its amazing features as a digital business tool, but it can be costly. 

In general, ClickFunnels’ pricing plan is split into three categories: 

  • The Standard Plan, which costs $97 per month
  • The Platinum Plan, which costs $297 per month
  • The “Collective” Plan, which is $1,497 per month

Each package comes with a substantial amount of access to all the critical features of ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels price offers you a wonderful entry into the world of funnels for its Standard Plan, but there are restrictions on the volume. For example, you can only create 20 funnels using a Standard Plan. In comparison, Platinum gives you limitless funnels.

In turn, the $297 ClickFunnel price covers everything, including the option to retain the in-house email marketing and a comprehensive affiliate management system.

If you want to know more details about ClickFunnels pricing, check out our ClickFunnels Pricing Guide.

How to Get a $19 Clickfunnels Pricing Plan

Compared to the $97 standard plan, a $19 ClickFunnels plan sounds like a really sweet deal. 

But is it?

In 2019, ClickFunnels’ parent company, Etison Suite LLC, confirmed that the $19 funnel package would be scrapped in line with the new pricing of ClickFunnels.

The $19 ClickFunnels plan allowed users to share funnels via a link. This link was extremely effective to independent affiliates of ClickFunnels. 

A separate ClickFunnels affiliate could receive referral fees from the parent company Etison LLC for any person who signed up for an account via a share funnels link.

The functions of the $19 plan link on a share funnel were very tight. They didn’t really introduce anyone to the sheer scope or strength that only a trial account would have. 

So the question is, sure, the $19 package looks attractive, but if you can’t access all the features, is there really a point?

But if you’re still keen about trying the $19 plan, here’s how to do it: 

  1. Click on this link. It allows you to start a free 14 day trial using the Shared Funnel program.
  2. On the following tab, you can find a brief introduction video and a preview of the shared funnel.
  3. Enter your billing details – if you are not satisfied, you will not be paid for 14 days and can quickly cancel from the ClickFunnels dashboard at any time.
  4. At the bottom of the form, check the “Limited Shared Funnel Only” checkbox.
  5. Once your sign-up is complete, go to the top menu bar on “Funnels” → “Funnels.”
  6. Your new “Shared Funnel” becomes listed on the dashboard and will be ready for use. 

What Features Are Included in the $19 Plan?

In the $97 ClickFunnels basic suite, you already have access to a lot of features. You can build sales pages, funnels, keep up to 20 funnels in your account, add pages, delete pages, and have up to 100 pages.

For the $19 plan, however, you are only allowed three funnels with minimal functionalities. 

You cannot build your own new funnels. You also cannot add or delete pages. The only way you can have funnels in your account is to use a “sharefunnel link” to get a funnel from someone else. 

The link leads you to your ClickFunnel account when you click on a sharefunnel link, and boots the funnel right up into your funnels area. When it’s loaded, within seconds, you can get right in and use it. 

If you do not have an account yet, you will be asked by ClickFunnels to set up your account, and you can select the $19 option.

How to Find a Sharefunnel?

The key to finding sharefunnels is to select the ones that you want and will work for you. Because the option of adding and deleting pages isn’t available to you, you need to ensure that the funnels are set up in a way that you prefer. 

If you want more research, you can do a quick Google search to learn more about sharefunnels. Ideally, you can also have someone create the funnel that you want and have them share the funnel with you. 

Most of the time, people are going to charge you for this. More or less, $50-$1000.


ClickFunnels $19 plan (Shared Funnel plan) is a somewhat restricted plan for users who don’t want to develop their own sales funnels straight off the bat and just want to use a few funnels at the start. That said, when you feel the time is right you can always update your plan.

What do you think about ClickFunnels $19 plan? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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