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by CJ McDaniel // May 26  

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As technology continuously evolves, more and more people are staying away from the gyms and weight loss meetings and turning to the Internet for do-it-yourself weight loss and diet programs. In order for you to obtain a weight loss goal, you will need to find a website that works for you. Web design and content play a key role (along with your determination and dedication) in helping you to achieve your goal. Here are some of the best-designed weight loss and diet sites out there.

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Calorie King

Calorie King has an easy and straightforward design that allows even basic computer users to navigate the site. This site comes complete with a food and exercise database, which can be linked to your own personal food and exercise diary with little effort on the part of the user. A drop and drag feature makes using the food and exercise diary easy for computer users of all levels. Best Weight Loss and Dieting Websites


Nutrihand is a simple site that is recommended in addition to a weight loss program that is occurring offline. This website allows you to connect with a friend, fitness or dietary specialist to share and review your meals plans as well as exercise routines. There is an added feature that is beneficial for diabetics – the ability to chart your blood pressure and glucose levels online. Best Weight Loss and Dieting Websites

Spark People

Spark people is a free website (as long as you do not mind the advertisements). This site has meal creation tools based on dietary and calorie restrictions you set for yourself. Other features include planning meals for up to a week at a time, a blog, forums, and an advice column and message board. If you spend a lot of time on Spark People, you may be rewarded with free merchandise – including exercise DVDs. Best Weight Loss and Dieting Websites

Fitness and Diet Websites

Losing weight and staying fit can be just a click away.


Vtrim is a six-month program with 24 access to trained professionals in the areas of weight management, nutrition and dieting. The features of this site also include recipes, calorie counters, body mass index measurements, charts and graphs. All features are easy-to-use and can help you to successfully track your weight loss goals and progress. Best Weight Loss and Dieting Websites

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers offers two options online: find a meeting or sign-up for the online program. Weight Watchers online is primarily concerned with diet and not fitness. The tools on Weight Watchers are easy-to-use and allow you to find recipes, track points, track your food intake and create charts to track your progress. You do not need to be a web design genius to take advantage of all the features on Weight Watchers. Best Weight Loss and Dieting Websites Read Next Article: Best Lawyer Websites

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