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Best Cosmetic Surgery Website Design

The decision to have cosmetic surgery can be a scary one. With plastic surgery nightmares and horror stories, obtaining solid, accurate and sometimes even soothing information is important when deciding on a cosmetic surgery doctor or practice. Before making an appointment for a consultation, a well-designed website can help to answer your questions and ease your fears.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. Dr. Chiu’s cosmetic surgery website includes many before and after photos as well as testimonials from his satisfied patients.  The simple design and layout, allow patients to scroll through educational materials on a variety of different cosmetic problems and procedures.

My Beautiful Body. My Beautiful Body is the site of a plastic surgery center located in Houston Texas. This site is very user interactive. You can view online videos of successful surgeries, view a list of general prices on common cosmetic procedures and view information about the surgeons. This site allows you to decide the types of procedures that may be right for you along with the doctor who you feel most comfortable with.

Turkle and Associates. Dr. Turkle and Associates of Indianapolis have a simplistic website that is very inviting to potential clients. With slideshow of satisfied customers with the slogan “The most important person is you…”, Turkle and Associates invite individuals to the website and to their practice. A simple navigation bar leads potential patients to important information including procedures, doctor information, photo galleries, resources and contact information.

Lake Shore Plastic Surgery.  Lake Shore Plastic Surgery is the office of Dr. Michael Horn of Chicago. The design to this site is simple and the text can be switched between English and Spanish. This makes the website ideal for individuals of diverse backgrounds. The calming colors of the home page are very inviting and the page is very easy to navigate. Simply click on the type of procedure you are looking to have and learn about the procedure, the doctor and view a photo gallery from previous surgeries performed by Dr. Horn.

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