Free Marketing/Business Books by Mail

5 Free Marketing/Business Books to Add to Your Reading List

For years, online marketers have piqued our interest with free ebooks, but now there is a new breed of marketer who is so interested in your success that they are willing to give you a free physical book for only the price of shipping. All of the free business and marketing books on this list are written by […]

Free Hobby/Interest Books by Mail

5 Free Hobby/Interest Books to Add to Your Reading List

You know what’s better than having a hobby that you love? Getting a free book about the hobby you love! Whether you are interested in cooking, gardening or comic books, we have a list of some great physical books to collect that the authors want to send you for free (and they will even pay for […]

Free Finance Books by Mail

5 Free Finance Books to Add to Your Reading List

It’s pretty common to find authors that are willing to give digital copies of their ebooks away for free, but it shows a whole different level of selflessness and commitment to your readers for an author to give away  physical versions of their books, especially if they are paying for shipping. Below is a a list of […]

free finance books

Free Awareness Books by Mail

5 Free Awareness/Activism Books to Add to Your Reading List

Have you ever believed in a cause so much that you would do anything to raise awareness for it, even if it will cost you money? That describes perfectly the authors and organizations who created these books; they believe in their cause so strongly that they are willing to give you these books for free (as […]

The Past, Present, & Future of Publishing Technology

How Digital Technology Will Continue to Shape Publishing

New technologies have transformed industries across the world. But there are very few sectors that have been more impacted by technology than the publishing industry. The internet has changed how we absorb information every day. As a result, many people are swapping traditional paper for the modern computer. For this reason, we’re looking at how […]

How to Write a Cliffhanger

5 Tips for Writing Emotionally Charged Cliffhangers

If you’ve ever bought a second book in a series or watched a movie sequel because you were desperate for closure, then you are a victim of a successfully executed cliffhanger. Every year cliffhangers are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in book and movie sales.

So what is a cliffhanger anyway?