The 6 W’s of an Awesome Author’s Network

The how-to of building an effective author's network!

author networking

Most book marketing efforts focus on connecting and engaging with potential readers, which makes sense.  They are the end-consumer of your writing.  But if you just focus on your readers, you miss out on the most powerful connections that can support your author career: your fellow authors Putting your focus on building a robust and […]

Hundreds of Free Ebooks

Download Hundreds of Free Ebooks in .epub and .mobi Formats

free ebooks

When authors or publishing companies are trying to hook you onto a new series or author, they will many times give you a free ebook that they hope will entice you into continuing the series by purchasing a paid book. Pretty tricky, huh? Regardless of the authors’ motivation, we love free ebooks whether it be […]

Should I Write a Novel?

Don’t die with your words still inside you

Should I Write a Novel

In 2016, a colleague and I unscientifically “surveyed” a few thousand fledgling entrepreneurs, asking them what they plan to do when they’re “financially free”. The top three answers won’t startle you – when asked what they’ll do with their time, the vast majority told us they’ll: travel volunteer spend more time with their family Pretty […]

Writing Your Debut Novel

How to start and finish your first novel

writing your debut novel

When writing a novel, sometimes the most difficult part is getting started.  I was in your shoes several years ago.  I wanted to write a fiction novel but didn’t know how to start. Then when on an airplane flight to Europe for business, I used a notebook to write each chapter in paragraph form.  The […]

Free Book Trailers for Authors

Free Book Trailer Templates With Instructions

I know there is all kinds of debate about whether book trailers are worth the cost, whether they are worth the time and whether they increase book sales. I’m here to tell you that yes, they are worth it! And the truth is, you can create a pretty sharp looking book trailer for free. And chances are the software you need already lives on your computer. So let’s get started! Make sure you check out the end of this post where we give away awesome book trailer templates as well as a chance to get your very own custom book trailer designed by us.

Free Book Trailers by Genre

How I Hit The USA TODAY Bestseller List

And how you can, too!

In the hyper-competitive book world, authors need to find ways to stand out in a crowd. Even if you write a book better than that international bestseller in your genre category, it will languish in the Kindle store and on the bookshelf unless you convince readers to take a risk and invest time in reading […]