15 LinkedIn Groups Authors Should Join

Connect with publishing professionals through LinkedIn

Every writer knows the struggle when it comes to hitting it big– which is why they often seek out connections and people to network with. And as the number of the aspiring writers grow every day, it may seem like a daunting task to find out where to start. Fortunately, we live in the digital […]

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15 Must Follow Authors On Twitter

Authors can write compelling books, but are they brilliant enough to tweet?

authors on twitter

As one of the best social networks for writers, one would think that authors on Twitter have it all figured out; considering that writing is their bread and butter after all. But by limiting the characters to a mere 140-characters per tweet, it poses a challenge for them. Regardless if they have published hundreds of books, […]

What is a Pull-Quote?

Examples of Lift-out and Pull-quotes

what is a pull-quote

A pull-quote or lift-out quote are quotes from the text of your writing that are “pulled-out” of the text and placed in an isolated area within the text to emphasize a particular quote or section of the writing. Pull-quotes can serve as a teaser to entice potential readers to dive deeper into the story. Pull-quotes […]

Author Guest Post Submissions – Get Featured

Reach Out to Thousands of Like-Minded Readers

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Are you an author with tons of great knowledge about writing, promoting or selling books? Here is your chance to get in front of thousands of like-minded authors by writing a guest post for us. Here at Adazing, we love to promote and publicize new and published authors, budding bloggers, and any writer who wants […]

Social Media For Writers

Keys to Developing Author-Centric Social Media Campaigns

Have you written a book and are looking to promote it within the next few months? If so, you need some key strategies for using social media as it pertains to writers. The publishing industry is huge right now. For example, the US publishing industry had a revenue of $28 billion in 2015. You will […]

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Top 10 Best Self-Publishing Companies

The Best Self-Publishing Options for Authors

Self-publishing has become a more and more common means of publishing in recent years. Because of the ever-changing nature of the publishing world, people are moving their ideas elsewhere. No longer are the big publishing houses the only option. Self-publishing books are making appearances on bestseller lists across the world. Books like Party Girl started out […]

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