Warrior Cats Book Covers

Warrior Cats Book Covers
by CJ McDaniel // June 12  

The Warrior Cats book covers are a captivating visual gateway into the epic world of Erin Hunter’s feline warriors. With their striking illustrations and intricate designs, these covers immediately capture readers’ attention, whisking them away to the thrilling adventures of the warrior cats. These book covers are a visual invitation into a rich, immersive world where courage, loyalty, and destiny intertwine!

The Warrior Cats Book Covers

Warrior Cats Book Covers collection

The Warrior Cats book covers have become integral to Erin Hunter’s popular feline fantasy series. These eye-catching illustrations successfully captivated and immersed readers worldwide into the rich and intricate world of feline clans, prophecies, and adventures.

From the first book, “Into the Wild,” to the latest installments, the cover illustrations set the tone for the series. They often feature the series’ protagonists: the cats themselves, as they show their distinctive appearances through various poses. The color palettes also vary from one book cover to another, with symbolic elements and motifs that reflect the plotlines and themes within the books.

The Warrior Cats book covers are a testament to the power of visual storytelling in the book industry. Hence, we’ve curated a list of the Warrior Cats book cover artworks and the changes made to these covers over the years.

1. Original Edition (for the first two story arcs)

The original edition released for the first story arcs, The Prophecies Begin and The New Prophecy, used striking and captivating illustrations of the feline warriors in action. A rectangle section at the center features the book’s respective protagonist. Meanwhile, the background usually depicts one of the clan territories, such as dense forests or vast moors. These meticulously-detailed illustrations, paired with prominent serif fonts for the text, set the stage for the adventures that unfold within the Warriors universe.

2. English Language Edition (Released in the United Kingdom)

The UK edition of the Warrior Cats books looks almost the same as the original version released for the first books of the series, except for some minor changes. All text uses serif fonts, the colors used are more vibrant and easy on the eyes, and the corners of the rectangular centerpiece have cat icons as a design.

3. Original Edition (for the third to fifth story arcs)

The book covers used for the third, fourth, and fifth story arcs of the Warrior Cats series, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, and Dawn of the Clans, was similar to the cover artwork used in the first and second arcs. While there was a change in the centerpiece (changing the former rectangle into a circle), the background still featured the clans’ territories. The text still used the same serif fonts, only filling it with gradient color instead of a solid one as used before.

4. Official Reprint Edition (including the covers for the sixth to eighth story arcs)

The official reprint of Warrior Cats’ first five story arcs came to the public in 2015. Since this release, the sixth to eighth story arcs followed the same design for their book covers.

Compared to the previous cover artworks in the franchise, this edition is more straightforward, focusing more on the illustration and their depiction. While the former versions have a centerpiece featuring the protagonist, this edition provides visually captivating representations of the lead characters in their respective territories. Some cover artworks exhibit a close view of the feline protagonists in tense and dynamic poses, using contrasting colors that contribute to the covers’ haunting and mysterious ambiance. As for the text, the series title, book title, author’s name, and the phrase “#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR” used a serif font, while the story arc, placed on top of the series title, was in a sans serif typeface.

Complete List of Warrior Cats Book Covers

The captivating tales of feline adventure, thrilling story arcs, and compelling characters made the Warrior Cats series a rich reading experience for people of all ages. Accompanying the enthralling narratives are the visually striking book covers that never fail to mesmerize long-time fans or newbies in the Warriors universe.

The book covers have become iconic series symbols, adorning bookshelves and inspiring fan art and cosplay. They serve as visual proof of the Warriors’ world’s enduring legacy and popularity.

For fans and collectors, the complete list of Warrior Cats series has become a treasure trove of feline wonders. Here’s our list of Warrior Cats Books and their respective covers to see why.

While the Warrior Cats series targeted young audiences, many outside the “intended” age range have enjoyed the adventures of the cats and their clans. Each book and its cover contribute to the rich tapestry of the Warriors universe, with the cover illustrations as a compelling invitation for readers worldwide.

An Insight into The Warrior Cats Books

The Warrior Cats series invites readers into the lives of the clans, following the adventures and challenges their members face. Written under the pseudonym Erin Hunter (consisting of five people: Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, Dan Jolley, and Tui T. Sutherland), the series follows the lives of the feline clans and their warriors, who have unique traits, territories, and beliefs.

There are eight sub-series under the Warrior Cats books series, which include the following: The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, The Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, Dawn of the Clans, A Vision of Shadows, The Broken Code, and the Warriors Super Edition. On the other hand, the Warrior Cats manga has four series.

At the core of the Warrior Cats series is the exploration of themes such as honor, courage, and the pursuit of justice through the eyes of the feline protagonists. These stories entertain and provide valuable insights into the importance of unity, empathy, and the power of collective action, which people even outside the intended age range love. Well, who doesn’t enjoy reading about cats?

With more than 30M copies sold in 2016, the Warrior Cats have established a solid fanbase and its name under the young adult and fantasy fiction genre, further proving its enduring legacy in feline fantasy literature.


The Warrior Cats book covers are stunning visual representations of the series and gateways into a world of feline adventure, honor, and bravery. From the fierce expressions of the warriors to the lush landscapes and intricate details, the covers perfectly capture the essence of the Warriors’ universe. They serve as a visual invitation for readers to delve into the world of the competing clans of wild cats, regardless of their age.

The Warrior Cats book covers are a testament to the power that book covers hold in visual storytelling, serving as a creative inspiration for anyone venturing into the young adult and fantasy genre.

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