Find Topics to Write About for Your Blog

by CJ McDaniel // May 26  

Intriguing Topics to Write About

You’re building content for your brand to help position yourself as a leader in your industry. And at the same time, you’re driving traffic to your blog – or at least you should be.

One way to attract more visitors to your blog is to come up with intriguing topics to write about. This is easier said than done, especially if you’re not a seasoned writer.

If you’re wondering what the best topics for blogging are, then continue reading. We’re going to delve into some of the most interesting blog topics you can write about no matter the industry you’re in.

Choose Blog Topics You’re Familiar With

Better yet, if you’re an expert in a topic, then that’s the one to go with. Hopefully, this topic is in some way related to your brand. Otherwise, it won’t work – you’ll attract a ton of the wrong audience, which won’t convert.

Content really pops when you’re writing on something you know about firsthand. You can include stories, advice, insights, and a ton of other extras you won’t find anywhere else on the web. It gives your blog posts an added personal touch that makes it unique, even when you’re writing on similar blog topics as other sites.

Research Trending Topics in Your Industry

One thing you don’t want to do is talk about a trending topic that has nothing to do with your industry. This will only turn off your visitors and skyrocket your bounce rate.

The idea is to sign up to whatever newsletters, e-magazines, and blogs in your industry that deliver insightful, expert pieces on the latest trends. This way, you’re one of the first to talk about the latest news, but with your own twist.

What’s great about trending topics is that it plays on people’s desire to be in the know. Folks in every industry want to get hard-hitting news first, so if you can deliver it to them in an engaging way, then even better!

Find Out Your Audience’s Pet Peeves

Most people set out on a Google quest to find answers and solutions to their questions and problems. If you’re able to find out what your audience’s issues are, then you can shed light on how to overcome their woes.

You can focus on both personal and professional issues, depending on the industry you’re in. Always look for related topics that match your audience’s interests.

For instance, if you’re a family law firm, you can talk about things to do with the kids during the summer. Or updates on webcam notary laws for your state (for convenience in getting legal documents notarized quickly).

Find Topics to Write About for Your Blog
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Select Topics to Write About That You Can Show vs Tell

Every now and then, you want to use visual content to educate and entertain your visitors. For instance, you can give video demonstrations and tutorials to help them accomplish a goal or overcome an issue.

You’ll find that internet users today are consuming millions of hours of online video weekly. This says a lot about their desire to watch, versus their desire to read.

If you don’t already have one, you can set up your own channel on YouTube. However, this is only ideal if you’re planning to release video content regularly. And by doing so, you can help boost your ranking in search engines (particularly Google, which owns YouTube).

Another option is to include your videos in the blog post. This along with images are a great way to make your content more engaging.

Go with Blog Topics that Are Conversation Starters

Besides getting traffic and views, the purpose of blog content is to interact with your target audience. One way to pull this off is to look for topics based on discussions you find on social media and forums.

You can title your posts with the questions or ideas they’re raising. Then when people come to your site, they may join in on a conversation on your blog post. Make sure at the end of each post, you ask readers to comment to help motivate them to start a dialogue.

It’s alright if it’s a topic that easily turns into a debate, just make sure you’re alright with jumping in. Being engaged with your audience is crucial for your reputation. Just ensure the topics aren’t overly political so it doesn’t turn into hateful comments.

Research Blog Topics to Write About

There will come a time when you’ll run out of ideas for your blog. And when this happens, you want to have resources you can turn to for ideas. In this case, you can come up with topics base don research you conduct online and offline. The beauty of this is that you can fill your content with valuable data and facts.

You can even get quotes from experts in the industry to add insight and unique spin to your content. Don’t be afraid to take what’s already out there and put your own twist to it. You’ll find many professional writers doing just that.

2 Simple Ways to Find New Blog Topics

Consider writing blog posts that focus on any one of those questions. You can then write a really in-depth blog post around that question.

Intertwine Topic Research with Keyword Research

There’s a bit of genius behind this idea because it allows you to research ideas people are searching for. This, in turn, gives you some SEO juice and boosts your traffic. Not only do you get more visitors, but a particular group of visitors that are highly-targeted and likely to convert.

This should always be the intention of each topic you create for your blog – targeting a very specific audience.

Become an Author and Marketer

If you’re looking to become the best author of your blog, then you’ll need a resource to help you along. At Adazing, you can learn all about becoming a successful author. And the key to doing so is to promote your work.

Hopefully, the above ideas for blog topics to write about can help you produce tons of content.

Then you can take the tactics learned here to apply to your blog content. Then if you decide to write an e-book, you can use these methods to market it on your site and around the web.

Take a look at our site today to see how we can help you market your written content.


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