How to Embed a Youtube Video in Powerpoint

by CJ McDaniel // May 22  

If you do any amount of public speaking or company presentations it won’t be long before you are faced with the common problem of having to figure out how to embed a Youtube video in PowerPoint. In this article I will show you two of the easiest ways to insert video and multimedia into slides in your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Embed a Youtube Video in Powerpoint Using a Web Link

Now, I’ll show three various options, one from the computer itself when you have the video on your PC. Then, I’ll demonstrate how to insert the video from online from YouTube or some other location online, and then also how to embed a video onto a slide in your presentation using embedding codes from another website.

First, let’s say that we want to insert a video in this slide. We go here under Insert, and then we go under Video, and we’re going to pick the video from My PC. Now, of course, this is kind of the lesser used options out there because there’s so much on the web nowadays that you can link to and such, but just for the sake of demonstrating, let’s do this. So you locate wherever your video is on your local PC and then click on Insert. Now, at this point, you can resize it. So this is how large it’s going to be. This is how big it’s going to be, and then you can click here on the playback option and then choose how you want this video to play.

When it reaches to this slide when you’re presenting this presentation you want to know how you’ll play it. So, right now it is on Click. If you want it so it starts automatically when it reaches this page, then you can do that by simply clicking Automatically, and notice also the other options. Now if I wanted to present this, I’m doing it on Click, all I have to do is either press F5 on my keyboard or go here to under Present Slide Show, and then I’ll click on it and it’ll start playing. Now to stop it, I’m clicking on it again. To exit of the play mode, press Escape and then we are back to the video.

  1. Insert new slide
  2. Now, let’s learn how to insert the video from the web. So I’m going to insert a new slide here, and then we go here under Insert and then we go under Video, and then we choose Online Video. Notice we have two options here. We have the YouTube option and also embedded from another website. We want to search from YouTube; for example, Word 2016, and here’s a bunch of videos here on Microsoft Word. Let’s say we want to insert one of those tutorials in there, or let’s say we want this Excel tutorial, Excel in 30 Minutes.

Click on Insert here. Then resize it how big you want this to be displayed when it’s presented. Then go under Playback, very similar to what we did earlier, and then you can click on to start Automatically or to start on Click. And now if I go and present this, this video when I click on it, it’s going to be streamed automatically from YouTube. Of course, you’ll need internet connection for that to take [crosstalk 00:03:27] place. And welcome to Excel in 30 Minutes. So that’s how inserting video from the web works.

How to Embed a Youtube Video in Powerpoint Using Embed Code

Now let’s learn how to insert a video by a user embed codes. Now, of course, there is not really a lot of use for this because you can search YouTube this way, but let’s suppose there is a website out there that gives you the codes how to embed the video … not that. I’ll demonstrate it by using YouTube.

So let’s say we have here this video from YouTube, and then we go here under Share and Embed. Now, this is the embed code for this. Now, it could be another website that gives you that code and provides you the code like [inaudible 00:04:15] TED Talks and such or Khan Academy and such. All you have to do is copy the code from wherever you’re copying it, and then go back to your presentation, and then click on Insert. Then go onto Video and then click on Online Video, and then embed the code right here … and then click on Insert and there it is. Now you can control how this will play back from this … and then when you can go and present this by clicking on it.

So these are three different ways that you can utilize video in your slides and your presentation and also how to customize the playback for those videos.

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