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how many books has Stephen King written
by CJ McDaniel // July 1  

Stephen King has become one of the world’s premier authors over four decades of writing success and remains revered as an authority on horror and suspense fiction. But just how many books has Stephen written? You might be amazed! Here we take an exhaustive look at King’s literary career, including some of his most well-known and noteworthy works as well as his writing process and legacy in world literature – so no matter if you are a fan or just curious to learn about this iconic author, read on and find the answer to that burning question – how many have written by Stephen King?

Stephen King A Revered Icon in Literature

Stephen King has become one of the most celebrated authors in modern literature due to his remarkable storytelling talent, captivating fans with captivating yet thought-provoking tales that draw them in. For this impressive body of work spanning 50+ years, he has won multiple prestigious awards, such as National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters and World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement. Many curious readers may wonder how many books Stephen King has written.

How Many Books Has Stephen King Written

Stephen King wrote over 60 novels and around 200 short stories since 1974, providing his ever-expanding audience with abundant literary options. Beginning as early as 1966 with magazine-published stories (now part of the Night Shift collection), his breakthrough came when “Carrie,” published in 1974, propelled him into literary stardom; from there on out, readers and critics have marveled at Stephen’s distinctive storytelling abilities!

King’s Genre-Bending Talent and Notable Works

Stephen King has showcased his versatility as a writer by exploring a variety of genres such as horror, fantasy, science fiction, and crime fiction. His skill sets King apart by taking everyday situations and adding supernatural, paranormal, or psychological undertones, creating emotional resonance among readers who often can identify with multi-layered characters’ struggles and predicaments, cementing King as an unparalleled storyteller. Over the years, such works as The Shining (1977), The Stand (1978), and It (1986) have brought critical acclaim as well as commercial success – earning critical praise and commercial success both critically as well as commercial success commercially.

Writing as Richard Bachman An Interesting Experiment

King has also achieved literary success under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, publishing seven novels under this pen name since its adoption as an experiment to test whether King’s success resulted from writing skills or simply luck. Fans quickly identified similarities in writing styles between Richard Bachman and King, eventually leading to their true identities being discovered. Despite this discovery, their most recent Bachman novel Blaze was released last year.

King made waves in 2012 when he unveiled the Bill Hodges Trilogy. Consisting of Mr. Mercedes (2014), Finders Keepers (2015), and End of Watch (2016), these novels showcase King’s ability to effortlessly transition between horror/supernatural works and hard-boiled detective fiction novels like these three novels from Bill Hodges Trilogy – culminating with its success and inspiring The Outsider (2018) as another crime/supernatural crossover novel written by him that showcases his literary versatility and unique voice.

The Impact and Influence of King’s Short Stories

Stephen King has long been revered as an innovator of short story collections such as Different Seasons (1982), Skeleton Crew (1985), and Full Dark, No Stars (2010). These stories boast similar creativity and excellence as his full-length novels; indeed, many of them have even been turned into films, television series, or anthologies by various directors or screenwriters, demonstrating his ability to craft narratives that cross-cultural and linguistic barriers resonate across a global audience.

King’s Legacy Sales, Accolades, and Future Works

Stephen King is one of the most prolific and influential authors of modern literature, with 200 short stories and over 60 novels to his credit, having written over 50 years. His outstanding career is a testament to his innate talent, versatility, and exceptional imagination – leaving an indelible mark upon readers and subsequent generations of writers alike. Fans eagerly anticipate Stephen’s next works to enter his captivating worlds created masterfully by this true King of Storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Books that Stephen King Wrote

Q: Has Stephen King written many books throughout his career?
A: In total, Stephen King has published over 60 works during his lifetime.

Q: Which are some of the most well-known titles by Stephen King?
A: Some of Stephen King’s most well-known works include Carrie, The Shining, It, The Stand Misery, and “The Dark Tower” series of novels.

Q: Has Stephen King written books across multiple genres?
A: Yes, Stephen King is known to write books across various genres, including horror, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, and crime fiction.

Q: Is Stephen King best known for his horror novels?
A: Yes, Stephen King is most well-known for his contributions to the horror genre, with many of his most well-known works fitting within this subgenre.

Q: Has Stephen King written many works?
A: Stephen King has long been known for his prolific writing output, consistently producing new works over several decades and maintaining an exceptional output rate.

Q: Has Stephen King ever written under any pseudonyms?
A: Stephen King has used Richard Bachman for several novels, such as Rage, The Long Walk, and Thinner.

Q: Do all of Stephen King’s novels exist within a shared universe?
A: Many of Stephen King’s works exist within what’s referred to as the “Stephen King Multiverse.” Characters or events from one novel often make cameo appearances or are referenced by another book in its canon.

Q: Has Stephen King won any awards for his writing?
A: Absolutely. Stephen King has received numerous honors for his works, such as Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and O. Henry Awards – plus was honored with a National Medal of Arts!

Q: Have Stephen King’s books been made into movies and TV shows?
A: Indeed, a number of his writings have been transformed into movies and television series, including titles like “The Shawshank Redemption,” “The Green Mile,” The Stand,” and ‘IT.”

Q: Have any books written by Stephen King outside the horror genre been published?
A: Yes. Stephen King has published books outside the horror genre, such as his Dark Tower series, time travel novel 11/22/63, and fantasy works such as Eyes of the Dragon (see above).

Q: Since when has Stephen King been writing books?
A: Stephen King began penning novels during the early 1970s with “Carrie,” his debut novel published in 1974.

Q: Does Stephen King collaborate with other authors?
A: While Stephen King is best known for his solo works, on certain occasions, he has collaborated with other writersmost notably co-writing “The Talisman” and its sequel, “Black House,” with Peter Straub.

Q: Has Stephen King written any non-fiction books?
A: Stephen King has published non-fiction works such as his Memoir of Writing Craft (On Writing: A Memoir of Craft), which blends memoir elements with writing advice.

Q: Has Stephen King published any short story collections?
A: Yes, Stephen King has produced multiple collections over his career, including Night Shift,” Skeleton Crew,” and Different Seasons.

Q: Does Stephen King still write and publish books?
A: Yes, Stephen King remains active and influential in the literary world.


Stephen King remains as one of the greatest authors alive today. Since publishing his debut novel “Carrie” in 1974, he has produced over one hundred works, including novels, novellas, short story collections, and non-fiction works under various pen names, such as Richard Bachman.

King has amassed sales of more than 350 million books worldwide and become one of the bestselling authors in history. Many of his works have been adapted into films or TV shows such as “The Shining,” Misery,” and Stand by Me.”

For many years, King’s skill and creativity have captivated readers, serving as a source of inspiration for numerous writers in various genres. As proof of this, numerous awards were bestowed upon his works, including the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

As Stephen King continues his writing journey, readers eagerly anticipate each new release as we await where his imagination may lead us next. There can be little doubt that King has left an indelible mark upon literature for years and years to come.

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