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When authors or publishing companies are trying to hook you onto a new series or author, they will many times give you a free ebook that they hope will entice you into continuing the series by purchasing a paid book. Pretty tricky, huh? Regardless of the authors’ motivation, we love free ebooks whether it be free Kindle books, free epubs or any other free electronic book.

If you love free ebooks as well, then the collection of sites we have curated here is just what you are looking for! This list features over 20 sites where you can find free ebook downloads. If physical books are more your speed, go to this page to receive free books in your mailbox.

Download Sites for Free Ebooks to Add to Your Favorites

Free Ebooks Through Project Gutenberg

This site offers almost 60,000 free eBooks that they have available in both epub and kindle formats. Project Gutenberg makes it very easy for you to download the books or simply read them online. Unlike BookBub below which has new books that may or may not be good reads, Project Gutenberg is full of “oldies but goodies” that include much of the world’s great literature, especially older works for which copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers have spent decades digitizing and diligently proofreading these books. Keep your eye on Project Gutenberg, because 2019 will be the first time since 1998 that new books are expected to move over to public domain, and Project Gutenberg is sure to be the place to carry these new treasures.

Visit Project Gutenberg >>

Free Ebooks Through BookBub

If it wasn’t for BookBub I would not be acquainted with some of my favorite authors! Unlike Project Gutenberg, BookBub specializes in limited-time offers for new or recent books. The titles featured on their free ebooks page are special promotions, so if you see one you like you’d better grab it before it goes back to full price!

Visit BookBub’s current free selections>>

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