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Verso refers to the left-hand page when facing towards the reader when opening and facing open and when facing right. Folio refers to pages following from verso pages; their terms come from Latin words for right and left, respectively.

Versos are an integral part of books’ physical structures. The term can refer to two areas. First, it can refer to the left-hand page in a spread instead of its right-hand page (known as recto). Second, Verso can mean the back side of a leaf or page that faces away from its front face – known as its recto counterpart.

Verso pages on left-hand pages do not always feature text; sometimes, they may remain blank, only contain page numbers, or contain other information such as the book title, author’s name, or copyright details. Conversely, right-hand pages always feature written material.

Versos serve to balance and stabilize books by providing balance and stability to their pages, helping prevent any from falling out and turning correctly. Furthermore, versos enable readers to open books directly onto any page rather than having to find the beginning first.

Books are an integral part of life; they open doors to new worlds, teach empathy and understanding, and can even serve as sources of hope during times of hardship. But books are living creatures, needing care and attention to continue adding joy into our lives – which is where Verso comes in!

Verso Books specializes in radical books and ideas. We pride ourselves on publishing books that make a difference – books that challenge the status quo, spark debate, and give voice to those without a voice. At Verso, we believe books have the power to change lives for the better – we are honored to continue this legacy!

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