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Varnishing is applying a clear coating to printed surfaces to protect them against wear, tear, and environmental damage. This clear coat may be glossy or matte depending on its application method; typically, this roller or sprayer is employed.

Varnishing is an integral step in printing, as it extends the longevity and damage resistance of printed materials exposed to sunlight or harsh environments. Varnishing should be considered when printing outdoor-facing materials directly in contact with sunlight.

UV-curable varnish and solvent-based varnishes are two primary forms of varnish. UV-curable varnish is typically cured using ultraviolet light and used most often in printing applications; solvent-based varnish uses chemicals instead. Solvent-based varnish is often preferred for outdoor applications or materials subject to high temperatures.

Varnishing is a process used to protect printed materials from dirt, fingerprints, smudging, and other forms of wear and tear. Varnishing can also give them an eye-catching glossy finish, making them more eye-catching – this step usually occurs after printing.

Water-based and oil-based varnish are the two main categories available on the market, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. Water-based varnish comprises acrylic resins. In contrast, oil-based varnish utilizes polyurethanes as its basis. Both have advantages and drawbacks: Water-based varnish is less smelly and dries faster but can be more costly; oil-based varnish takes longer to dry and has a stronger odor.

Varnishing is performed manually; however, some companies provide machine varnishing services. When varnishing by hand, a brush or roller is typically used to apply the varnish over a printed piece and wait until it dries to form a protective layer over the print piece.

Varnishing is an integral component of printing that ensures printed materials will retain their shine for as long as possible – this is particularly crucial with materials that will be handled often, such as business cards, postcards, and brochures.

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