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Suppressed books refer to any actions meant to stop the publication of a book for one of the reasons, such as political, religious, moral, or issues related to content or controversy. For some reason suppression may happen for various reasons, such as politics, religious morality, or some controversial stuff. Nevertheless, it is essential to suppress deliberate attempts of the public to get hold of specific written material by limiting circulation or prohibiting production. However, to achieve complete publication, it should be a total suppression of any form.

Suppression takes many forms within the publication sphere, including not publishing books at all, delaying the publication indefinitely, banning some books in some countries or regions, and blocking library patrons, schools, or specific organizations from accessing the publication to reduce readership.

Various reasons can be given to have a book “suppressed.” These may range from politics, fear of social instability, or disillusionment to offending religious or moral sensibilities, maintaining order, and protecting specific individuals or groups.

Nevertheless, to have a book “suppressed” usually draws considerable attention and interest to forbidden information. Over time, such books as those subject to suppression become popularized, and underground circulation or unofficial publishing attempts become common.

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