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A stub is a small amount of paper that is left attached to a document after the main body of the document has been detached. The purpose of a stub is to provide a way to reattach the main body of the document if it becomes detached. A stub can also be used to provide a place for a label or other information to be placed.

A stub is a short, narrow strip of paper that is attached to the main body of a document. It is used to provide a space for a signature, date, or other information.

The purpose of a stub is to allow the person signing the document to have something to write on. This is especially important when the document is printed on both sides and there is no blank space left for a signature. The stub also allows for the date to be easily visible.

A stub is a short, stubby piece of paper that is used to file or store documents. It is typically much shorter than standard paper and has a smaller surface area. The purpose of a stub is to save space and to make it easier to find and retrieve documents. When documents are stored in a filing cabinet, they are typically organized by date, with the most recent documents at the front and the oldest documents at the back. This can make it difficult to find a specific document, especially if it is buried in the middle of a stack of papers. A stub makes it easy to identify a document by its date and to retrieve it quickly.

The Stubble is a great way to get rid of paper. It is a simple and easy way to use paper. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pencil. You can use the Stubble to erase any unwanted pencil marks on your paper. This is a great way to keep your paper clean and free of any unwanted pencil marks.

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