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A strawboard is a paperboard that is manufactured by wood fibers. It is used to create book covers and print texts.

Strawboard comprises processed wood fibers and then re-shaped into sheets, usually softwoods, e.g., pine or fir. It has more dense and robust fibers compared to paperboard such as cardboard. Therefore, strawboard is generally thicker and more powerful.

It is used in book cover construction, among others. Its ability to withstand pressure and temperatures qualifies it for printing applications, making it suitable as a printing ink.

The word “strawboard” originates from the fact that it was a paperboard made from straw initially. Wood chips or shavings are substituted as raw material, and the word is usually used for the paperboard made in that way.

Strawboard is a versatile material which can be used in various ways. Its relatively low costs and strong support make it popular for typical applications such as book construction, as it can easily support heavy book pages.

The material also provides vital protection for its contents and can be used in packaging. Strawboard is also used in making cabinets and furniture construction.

The strawboard is a board from straw widely known in book production and printing. Strawboard can be produced from wheat, rye, oats, barley, flax, and hemp. The pieces of plants are then chopped and boiled before pressing and drying for printing purposes. Strawboard is highly durable but cheap and easy to print; it is often applied to produce hardcover books.

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