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“Started” is book and publishing terminology referring to the launch or start of any aspect related to bookmaking, production, or marketing. At this point, the work has usually surpassed its initial conceptual stage and entered an active completion period.

The phrase “started” in book and publishing industry terms is ambiguous but can relate to the different aspects. It can refer to starting the writing process. When an author begins drafting their manuscript or researching information for their non-fiction book, “starting” signifies the transition from contemplation or brainstorming towards actualizing words on paper.

“Started” may also refer to the actual publication process. Once a manuscript has been finalized, it has to undergo different stages of editing, proofreading, and formatting before being passed to a printer or digitization. We say the project has started when these production activities begin.

The term “started” also describes activities surrounding a book’s launch, which includes developing a marketing plan, designing the cover art, and launching promotional campaigns. These strategies can be said to have been implemented once its marketing activities have been “started.”

The term “started” refers to the steps involved in creating, producing, distributing, and promoting books and publishing. It means the point when planning is transformed into doing.

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