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A split fountain (or dual fountain) is an ink fountain that uses multiple ink colors at once and separates them with metal plates or bars to print multicolor designs, as seen in comic books and newspapers.

Split fountains are often utilized to print gradient or color transition effects using two ink colors close in hue: yellow and orange. When placed within a fountain, these inks touch at one end while being printed, creating gradient effects between their shades as the print head moves between these ends as it prints. This causes their colors to blend and produce gradient effects.

Split fountains allow users to print multicolor designs. This process uses different ink hues that do not overlap too closely in the shade, placed within a fountain in such a manner that their ink does not touch each other, and printed as one by the printer head, moving back and forth between colors as it prints – thus producing multicolored images on paper or fabric.

Meanwhile, split fountain printing is an ink printing method that employs two or more inks to produce gradient effects and is most often used to print images with multiple colors or gradient effects. Split fountain printing has become popular due to its variety of color effects, gradient options, and being simple and quick to set up and print.

Split fountain printing involves applying two or more colors simultaneously onto a printing plate and then separating using blades or similar devices to produce gradient effects.

This technique can create various effects, from color transitions and ombre effects to adding visual interest and visual intrigue. It is an adaptable technique that adds flair and visual drama to any print project.

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