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“Shaken” in book and publishing parlance refers to a specific state or condition of a book’s binding. When the book has been “shaken,” its pages become less secure within its cover. This state leads to movement or page shift when opened or handled, resulting in noticeable movement or page shifting when opened or held.

Producing a book requires attaching pages to its cover using various binding methods, such as stitching signatures together or adhering them with glue. Over time, use, or mishandling, the binding can weaken and lead to its pages not staying tightly within their covers – often evident when opening and reading pages that don’t maintain an unbroken thread of continuity in their orderly positions within them.

Books with loose bindings often display telltale signs: pages protruding past the edges of their covers or gaps between their pages and spine. Furthermore, movement within the book cover can cause additional wear and tear that leads to other pages becoming damaged or detached altogether.

Shaken books tend to have compromised structural integrity compared to tight, secure bindings. The condition can negatively affect the aesthetics and usability of the book, as well as long-term durability concerns.

Book collectors and enthusiasts regularly inspect books for signs of being shaken, which could reduce their value and desirability. Libraries or collectors may carefully repair or rebind these damaged volumes to restore structural integrity and preserve them for future use.

“Shaken” in book and publishing terminology refers to the state of a book when its binding has become loose, leaving pages less secure within its cover and potentially impacting appearance, usability, and long-term durability – an issue often noted among book collectors and enthusiasts.

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