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The term “series author,” used in book and publishing terminology, describes a person who makes several novels containing similar characters, places, or motifs. Using this term indicates that an author has produced a distinct franchise in his book, which makes a consistent story across several sequels or novels.

Being a series author does not simply mean writing a string of books. For this reason, they need to be able to carefully plan and organize the underlying storyline, story arcs, and story developments for there to be unity and continuity all through the collection. In such a way, they familiarize readers with ongoing narration, which makes them interested in what will happen next.

The series authors often have loyal followers, always waiting for the new issue to continue their travels with the familiar characters and places. These readers have a solid bond with an author they follow with religious zeal. They often discuss books, readership clubs, and social networks devoted to the series. Each of the book series’ authors becomes a brand known for their original storytelling technique and the universe they create.8

Serial authoring calls for high levels of planning and organizing ability. However, it’s essential to balance this carefully since the old followers should be happy while the story remains fresh. For example, series authors need help with repetition, adding something new, and keeping the reader interested in more than one book.

A series author holds a very peculiar spot in the publishing market, as only they manage to construct an enticing fictional reality that transcends many books and offers pleasure to readers for years to come.

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