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Serial rights are the rights given to a publisher to print your work in installments in a magazine or other publication. These rights are separate from first publication rights, and you can sell them more than once. The copyright for the work remains with the author.

You might sell serial rights to a magazine that will print your work in four issues, for example. After the final installment appears in print, the rights “revert” back to you and you can then sell first publication rights to a book publisher. Or, you might keep the rights and self-publish your book.

Some writers sell serial rights as a way to generate income while they’re writing a book. If you sell serial rights, you’ll likely receive a lower payment than you would for first publication rights. But, it can be a good way to get your work in front of readers and generate some buzz for your book.

To sell serial rights, you’ll need to contact the publications you’re interested in and inquire about their rates. Be sure to ask about any other rights they might purchase along with the serial rights. For example, some publications also buy the right to print excerpts from your book or to reprint your work in anthologies.

Serial rights are important for books and publishing because they allow authors to sell their work in installments. This means that authors can earn revenue from their work over a longer period of time, which can be helpful in supporting themselves and their writing careers. Additionally, serialization can help build an audience for an author’s work and create excitement and anticipation for future installments. Finally, selling serial rights can be a way for authors to negotiate higher advances and royalties from publishers, as the publisher is investing in a longer-term relationship with the author.

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