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Recommended retail price (RRP) is the price that a bookseller recommends a customer should pay for a book. The bookseller may sell the book at or below the RRP, but is not obliged to do so. The RRP may be determined by the publisher, or may be set by the bookseller.

There are a number of reasons why a bookseller might recommend a particular retail price for a book. The RRP may be set by the publisher in order to help the bookseller compete with other booksellers who are selling the same book. The RRP may also be set by the bookseller in order to help the bookseller manage inventory and maximize profit.

The RRP is not necessarily the price that a customer will pay for a book. Many booksellers offer discounts on the RRP, and some customers may be able to negotiate a lower price. In addition, the RRP does not include shipping and handling charges, which can vary depending on the bookseller and the customer’s location.

The RRP is important to publishers because it is one factor that determines the profitability of a book. If the RRP is too low, the publisher will not make enough money on each sale to cover the cost of producing the book. If the RRP is too high, the book will not sell well and the publisher will not make a profit.

The RRP is also important to retailers because it determines how much they will pay for the book and how much they will charge customers. Retailers typically buy books from wholesalers or distributors at a discount off the RRP. They then mark up the price of the book to make a profit.

The RRP is therefore a key factor in the price of a book. It is important to both publishers and retailers, and it affects the cost of a book for consumers.

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