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PostScript is a page description language within the electronic and desktop publishing industries. Due to its vector-based nature, it is not tied to any specific output device. Vector graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW are commonly used for creating PostScript files.

PostScript is a descriptive tool for printed page elements such as text, graphics, and images. However, it does not contain formatting or layout details. These aspects are added by applications like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe InDesign before printing the file.

Printing on various devices like laser printers, inkjet printers, or imagesetters is possible with PostScript files. Additionally, they can be viewed using viewers like Ghostview or Preview.

Developed by Adobe Systems, PostScript is a powerful page description language in which commands within a text file define the appearance of printed pages.

When sending a document from an application to a printer, the application generates a PostScript file that conveys these commands. The printer then interprets this file and produces the desired output accordingly.

While offering extensive control over print appearance, working directly with the language can be challenging due to its complexity.

In most cases, applications handle the automatic generation of PostScript files without requiring user familiarity with the page description language. A basic knowledge of this language may benefit power users and developers seeking greater understanding and customization options.

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