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PMS, or Pantone Matching System, is a color standardization system used in the printing industry. To produce a specific color, printers use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, or CMYK. The PMS colors are specified by their unique code, which is used to mix the inks to achieve the desired color.

PMS colors are often used for spot color printing, which is when a design or image uses one or more colors in addition to the CMYK colors. Spot color printing is often used for logos, branded materials, and other designs where a specific color is key to the overall look.

PMS colors are also more consistent from one print run to the next, which is important for branded materials that need to look identical each time they are printed.

PMS colors are used in both offset printing and digital printing. In offset printing, PMS inks are mixed to match the PMS color code and then printed on paper. In digital printing, the PMS color code is used to match the color of the print to the color of the design.

PMS colors are important for two reasons:

1. They allow for consistent color reproduction across different print runs and between different printers.

2. They allow for color consistency across different media (e.g. print, web, etc.).

PMS colors are typically used for spot color printing, where a specific color (or colors) is used to accentuate certain elements of a design. However, PMS colors can also be used for full-color printing, where each color in the design is reproduced using a

Pms is important to books and printing because it allows for a higher printing quality and a more consistent color. Pms also allows for a greater range of colors, which can be important for book covers and illustrations. In addition, pms can help to prevent fading and other damage to books over time.

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