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Pira International was established by Peter and Robert Ingram of London, England, as a printing and publishing firm specializing in book printing in 1971.

Pira International provides its clients with various services, such as printing, publishing, marketing, and additional value-added offerings, such as book design layout, cover design services, and storage fulfillment services.

Pira International has long been recognized by notable publishers, associations, and businesses as an exceptional printing and publishing services provider. Specializing in books, magazines, newsletters, catalogs, and manuals – as well as winning several awards for quality and service excellence – Pira has long been relied upon by its clients.

Pira International holds an outstanding reputation within the printing and publishing industry, having worked alongside some of the world’s premier organizations, including the UN, the European Commission, and the World Bank. Pira International is widely acknowledged as an expert on printing and publishing services sought out by both organizations and individuals alike.

Pira International is an innovative and forward-thinking printing and publishing services provider, investing heavily in cutting-edge technologies to remain at the forefront of an evolving industry and help its clients remain competitive in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Pira International provides printing and publishing companies with invaluable assistance for increasing efficiency and effectiveness, training and support to strengthen operations, and valuable partnerships! Their services help printing and publishing firms become more cost-efficient while supporting operations, providing training support, and making investments profitable – they genuinely are indispensable allies!

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