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Pictorial cloth is a form of bookbinding material created to simulate cloth, yet it is composed of paper. Often used to cover books bound in cloth or add decoration to those hooked using other materials, pictorial cloth can also be printed with pictures, patterns, or text and comes in various colors and designs.

Pictorial cloth bookbinding uses cloth printed with designs printed using rotary presses to cover the boards of a book, then adhered directly onto them via glue.

Pictorial cloths add decoration and interest to book covers while signaling books’ genre/subject matter for shelving purposes. For instance, gardening books might use green cloth with floral designs, while American history books could use blue with an American flag pattern.

Pictorial cloth is an integral component of books and publishing. It allows authors to design intricate covers that draw readers in while protecting the book from wear and tear for longer. In addition, pictorial cloth helps protect books against wear and tear so readers can continue enjoying reading them!

The cloth book industry is flourishing for good reason. Cloth books not only look beautiful and unique, but they’re also durable and long-lasting – and thanks to being made with all-natural materials, they’re entirely safe for babies and children.

If you’re searching for something unique and special to give to a baby or child, a cloth book makes an excellent keepsake gift that they will surely enjoy for years.

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